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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Thrive Life Advancement Ministries was founded in 2019 by our Founder  Lincoln Shelton. Lincoln's dream and vision was to provide life coaching rooted in evidence-based principles and a Biblical worldview to provide care for the whole person and the best possible services for individuals and families.  His vision was to be able to provide those services worldwide. 
In 2020 his vision expanded and therefore Thrive LAM expanded to include a counseling team as well. Now Thrive LAM services not only life coaching clients, but clients needing counseling also. 

Our Life Coaching services are available not only in the local Tri-Cities area but are available globally as well through an online platform. Our counseling services are provided in-person and online locally, but also online throughout the state. 

Together our team has serviced over 200 clients since 2019. We are so excited that our story continues to grow and Thrive as we do. 

Meet The Team

Our Ministry Partners

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